Navigating Uganda's Real Estate Market - A Comprehensive Analysis

Navigating Uganda's Real Estate Market - A Comprehensive Analysis

Uganda’s Real Estate market is booming, so the competition is fierce. It doesn't help that there are so many people trying to make money off this boom either.

But there are some ways you can be sure you're making money and that's by going with an experienced property management company.

Here’s what you need to know about the current state of real estate in Uganda and how Truesoil can help you navigate its booming real estate market. 

Why investors choose to invest in real estate in Uganda

Uganda's real estate market is diverse, with high demand for affordable housing due to the expanding economy and increasing population.

With an estimated 2.1 million housing unit deficit, expected to reach 3 million by 2030,

Truesoil Property Management offers  expert guidance  and personalised services to navigate this rapidly evolving market, from property tax to real estate investment.

Real Estate Companies and Estate Agents in Uganda

Real estate companies and agents are crucial in the Ugandan market, assisting buyers and sellers with transactions, management, and investment.

Truesoil Property Management uses technology to connect clients with top professionals that offer expert guidance on market trends and opportunities to make informed decisions in a competitive market.

Brokers and Property Managers in Uganda

Uganda's real estate sector grew by 5.9% in Q1 2022( Uganda Bureau of Statistics), indicating a rising need for brokerage and management services.

Brokers and property managers play a critical role in connecting buyers and sellers and managing properties.

Truesoil's digital platform simplifies property management tasks like maintenance tracking and rent collection, ensuring profitable and well-maintained properties for investors and owners.

One of Truesoil's beautifully managed properties

Real Estate Investment in Uganda

Uganda's real estate sector offers a favourable investment climate, resulting in $2.3 billion of foreign direct investment inflows from 2013 to 2019, as per the Uganda Investment Authority.

Truesoil Property Management uses data analysis and predictive modelling to identify top investment opportunities, with remote property monitoring available on our digital platform.

Property Tax in Uganda

In Uganda, property tax is levied annually based on the value of income-generating properties, including land,buildings and other improvements.

Truesoil  simplifies tax management with advanced software that tracks revenue, expenses, and occupancy data, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Looking for a partner to help you conquer the real estate world in Uganda? We work with both Ugandan and foreign investors to manage residential, office and industrial properties.

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