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Truesoil connects tenants and property owners in Uganda

Truesoil is a digital property management system that makes it easy for you to manage any property in Uganda - be it commercial, mailo, kibanja, or communal.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

How it works

We identify your tenants

so that you can see who is on your property and when they arrived

We negotiate agreements

digitally between you and the proper tenants.

We enable digital payments

so that tenants can make payments with mobile money (USSD).

And give you complete control

with a dashboard of who has paid rent and status of your property.

Accessible to anyone

Truesoil supports mobile money (USSD) allowing everyone to make payments and get digital receipts - both for feature phones and smartphones

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

A digital solution to Mailo conflicts

Truesoil also helps mailo landowners resolve conflict, connect with their kibanja holders, and collect busuulu

Property management has never been easier

Just relationships

Build long-term relationships with your tenants

Digital communication

Receive notifications anything requiring your approval, such as consent and first buyer rights

Manage rent with ease

Tenants receive reminders and you receive rent and busuulu automatically

Do you want simpler management?

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