Will future Ugandans have secure property rights?

Will future Ugandans have secure property rights?

Uganda has one of Africa’s youngest populations with 46% of Ugandans being younger than 15 years old (World Bank). This means that in the coming years millions of additional property owners and tenants will enter a market that is already stressed by land conflicts and poor property management. 

At the center of this conflict is expensive and unreliable access to information on property rights. There are valid reasons for the lack of clarity, however, as property rights are often complex. E.g. much of Ugandan land has overlapping property rights, where one person owns the land while others have the right to use it. In Central Uganda a common type of such rights of use are known as kibanja rights (plural: bibanja).

In theory, property owners and tenants on land with overlapping rights can live in harmony provided the property owner and tenants comply with the law, such as pay ground rent (busuulu), provide receipts of payments, etc. 

Yet, reality is often different. It is common for bibanja holders to lack sufficient documentation to prove their rights to the property owner. Likewise, bibanja holders are often unable to confirm their landowner’s credibility because of disputes of ownership or fraudsters pretending to own the property. This leads to rampant conflicts and makes managing properties very difficult. 

With the new wave of young Ugandans joining the property markets, if the issue is left unaddressed these issues will worsen.

That is why we created Truesoil (powered by Titl) - to help tenants and property owners secure their property rights, while making it easy for owners to manage their properties. 

We do this is three steps

  1. We identify the tenants laying claim to a property.
  2. We facilitate negotiations between those tenants and the owner, helping them reach legal agreements. 
  3. We provide a digital property management platform where payments, requests and reminders between tenants and property owners are handled digitally. 

Check out the video below to see how it works.

We believe that by connecting the proper bibanja holders with the proper owner, we can facilitate lasting and healthy property relationships.

Curious to learn more? You can contact us here to learn more.

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